The Secret Place 

She has always been different

There was just something about her

That I cannot explain

The world and all its glimmer

could not entice her

She yearned for deeper things

Locked in heaven

Pursued by few

She was made for unknown places

She dwelled in heavenly realms where He was found

She had an unquenchable thirst for more of Him

She knew she had to go deep to discover it all

Go where only few dare to go

You could say her head was in the clouds

Because that was her favourite position

To meet with Him in the secret place

She was a worshiper

She went all in, distracted by no one

She had to be one with her King

She was not distracted by the voices that said “She’s to deep”

No, she crossed every border to be with her King

The depth of His presence where they would be One

She was totally ruined and overcome by Him

There was a place in Him, reserved for only her

A place few have been

Past the veil where love sick lovers are born

Where we die to self

Bit are alive in Him

She made His heart her dwelling place

His embrace her safe place

She was possessed by Him

Totally in awe of her King

No price she had to pay, would keep her from pursuing Him

She gave up everything keeping them apart

For He became her greatest need

There was a bond between them few had experienced

It was birthed through their meetings behind the veil

Secrets were shared

She was enslaved by her King

Drenched in His oil

Nothing of her past could cling to her

She had an unquenchable thirst for more of Him

She burned with His love

She was controlled by Him

They would call her “too religious”

But she didn’t care

Religion could never bring her to this place

Being overtaken and overthrown by her King

She was so in love with her Beloved

She desired His presence with her whole being

Every moment with Him left her breathless

Hungry to discover a different facet of His heart for her

She dared to go where few have been

The secret place was now her home

~ Ebigale Wilson