A Water Walking BrideĀ 

There is something about her

That captures my attention and draws me away to unknown places that she has been

It is not in the clothes she wears or the diamonds around her neck

It goes much deeper than bling and brand

It’s something that wealth can’t buy

I gave her a hug and the light on her face drew me in

To places that I have never been

Places only known to the abandoned ones

Who have denied themselves

Sold out to their Bridegroom and only His dreams

I can’t stop thinking about her

There’s something she carries

It clings to her

A supernatural fragrance she releases

She is unaware of the peace that’s her portion

Or the love that she shares

Her heart beat in rhythm with His

Father please take me to the places she has visited with You

Past the veil so that I can experience more of You

Into Your presence where warriors are born and I die to myself

I need to live a life controlled by You

This world and its riches are dead to me

I want what she has

It can’t be bought or copied

It’s only found through intimacy and a laid down life

A life so ruined and overtaken by You

So that only Your glory shine through

No trace of what was, the embers burned out

Your daughter has arised

She is ready to rule and to reign

With You by her side, she will be a formidable force

No enemy will be able to stand

She won’t back down

She came too far, won many battles

She carries the scars

Encounters with Your deep love 

Has prepared her and it made her strong

She is fearless, a water walking Bride in the midst of all storms.

~ Ebigale Wilson