Wounded, Not Broken 

A beginning is having faith

Despite the circumstances,

Trusting that God’s allowing

This storm for a reason;

Although it’s unknown to me

It’s ok because God’s still

On the throne, unshaken;

This war might bleed

Memories unwanted,

But all God wants from me

Is to allow His light

To absorb this darkness;

I’ll still be scarred

From this battle, but not dead

Wounded, but not broken;

This night can’t clothe me

Because I am a daughter of the King

He covers me with His light, always;

His love is perfect

Although mine is broken,

These damaged wings try to fly,

But they can’t until they’re mended

By the Creator who breathed

This body into existence;

As this pain continues,

So does the hope He gives

Because I know everything has an end,

But God, for He is eternal;

Although this pain and darkness is great,

I will get through it,

For He has birthed a fire in me

That only consumes His truth

Causing a light to illuminate this body,

So that when I’m in darkness,

I can’t be swallowed by it;

This ocean breathes His love,

It reflects His light off the surface,

To those surrounding it;

May this ocean always be strong

Enough to fight off the enemy,

Never losing its depth

Always keeping its rhythm

In sync with the Creator’s song


~ Bethany Anne