Tell Her

Tell her that she is beautiful

That I love everything about her

The way she smiles

The way she carries herself

I even love her silliness 

Her love for others, but mostly when 

She searches for Me

She does not have to compare herself

If she is too “this” or “that”,

I created her in My image and in My eyes she’s perfect

I knew her before she was born

I created her to be One with Me

I love the woman she’s becoming

Tell her to let go of what was

The hurt, the pain, the betrayal

I will heal her wounded soul

Quiet her restless mind

In Me she will find perfect peace

There is so much hidden within her

It’s time for her to run with Me

To discover her place in Me

To share her gift with the world

She will find what she needs in 

My presence

Her worth at My feet

If she longs for Me with her 

whole being

I will take her on adventures

In Me she will find her home

Tell her to let go of her fears

I will replace it with a faith so strong

I have heard her desperate cries

Saw her tears, when no one did

My love for her is relentless

I will wash away her pain

Anoint her with fresh oil

Dress her in robes of love

She will know that I am her 

safe place

The One who gives her wings

Daughter of Zion don’t be afraid

For what you need is found in Me

You have wondered around for 

to long

Putting your trust in man

It only brought you tears

Give Me a chance to heal your heart

I loved you since the beginning of time

And as you go with Me, into the unknown

Our heart’s will beat as One

The depths of My love will set 

you free

You will know a peace that passes all understanding

For My perfect love casts out 

all fear

Together we will rule and reign

We will be unstoppable

Fearless amidst every storm

You will find your place in my heart

along side other bride’s

~ Ebigale Wilson