Our Time To Be LovedĀ 

Deep down we all are the same

We just walk with our masks on 

our faces

Pretending to have it all together

While inside we sit with our 

scars and our pain

We cover the scars, try to hide 

the pain

The bandages wet with our tears

There’s no time to deal with heart issues

No one to listen

No one to talk to

We drift in the background 

Clinging to our pain like a prize

We are in this rat race leading 

no where

While we run further away

From the King of our hearts

Tormented in our minds

Our hearts never free

To taste the depths of His extravagant love

Our time to be loved is now!!!

Long enough, were we bound up 

in robes of our past

Holding us captive

With no sign of freedom

While He wants to dress us in robes of His love

He is wooing us, to find the path to His heart

Step out of your grave clothes

Take off your mask

Trade your ashes for a love journey 

with Him

Trade your pain for freedom unknown

In Him you will find what you need

He will calm every storm you are facing

Together you will win many battles

Your King has summoned you to 

His presence

He extended His scepter to you

You are deeply loved and favoured

He will take your brokenness and make you whole

He is a covenant God

He paid a high price for you to be free

He will meet you in your deepest pain 

There is no time to waste!!!

For your time to be loved is now!!!

He will erase all your pain with a stroke of His love

Others still bound up are waiting 

for you

To step into their lives

Their freedom is bound up in your surrender

Stop wasting your time on things 

of the past

In Him you will find a brand new start

I see your face radiant with joy

His peace invading your whole being

You are finally free to love and be loved

There is a new song on your lips of redemption and love

You have exchanged your rags for a garment of fine linen and silk

You have made yourself ready

As your eyes lock with His, 

and you are finally free

You step out to rescue other bride’s

For their time to be loved is now.

~ Ebigale Wilson