The Desperate Bride

All eyes are on her, as she enters the room

Oblivious to the whispers, she goes her way

Who does she think she is, coming in here

Disturbing our way of doing things

Religion our hiding place

We don’t need her kind here

It exposes our hearts, we are stripped bare

It shows that she’s got something

We have never tasted

Or lost long ago

As she worships without borders

As she pours out her heart

Her brokenness releases a fragrance few have encountered

We get a glimpse of uncharted territories she visits

As she goes lower still, with an all consuming, passionate love for her King

We want to run and hide, because she is exposing our hearts

In her hand the alabaster jar with fragrant oil

To bestow on the One she loves most

The One who has taught her the meaning of love

That religion was worthless and there’s nothing to gain

It’s when we strip bare, we are molded and formed

We then have encounters with heaven on earth

Get lost in the heart of the One we adore

We go on adventures with the Lover of our heart

We come to that place where it’s all about Him

We dare not let go of what we have found

For what if we lose our most prized possession

Find ourself outside of His will?

She breaks open the alabaster jar

and anoints the feet of the

One she loves most

She could hear the deep sigh’s

The tension mount up, but she could not care

She has to release her symbol 

of love

On the One that love her most

The One who pursued her, when she was a mess

The One who gave her His all

He never judged her

Though her sin was exposed

He showed her, her place in His heart

He is the reason she is finally free

She dries His feet with her hair

Her symbol of authority was lay waste,

But she couldn’t care

She had to find a way to show 

Him her heart

Filled with devotion and passionate love for her Jesus

The voices in the background could not stop her

Cold faces she will ignore

She had to paint this picture of

Passionate love

For all generations to long for encounters with His deep love

He means too much to her

To give them a thought

They weren’t there when she was trapped in her pain

They didn’t carry her through the darkest of night’s

They never reached for her when 

she was wrapped in pain

She weeps bitterly, experiencing deep healing at the feet of her King

Her past fades in the background

She is finally One with her King

His love is unquenchable

It has set her alight 

It followed her through fire

To the ends of the earth

Wooing her back to His heart

She is wrapped in His light

She is trapped in His love

No one will capture her focus again

For the King of the universe has captured her heart.

~ Ebigale Wilson 
The Desperate Bride


Image – Pinterest