This Little Light 

I recently read Return from Tomorrow by George Ritchie. What stuck with me is his depiction of what I consider hell on earth. He could see tortured souls walking around as if trapped in a cycle of repeating the worst of their earthly torments. 

He could see the light of Christ shining right next to them but they could not see it. Imagine that place. There doesn’t have to be burning fires and demons running about in order to be hell. Everyone’s worst vision of hell may be a little bit different, but no version of hell comes with a healthy dose of the light of Christ.   

Often, when I am not feeling at spiritual ease, I’ll sing “This little light of mine, I’m going to let it shine”. 

 Lately I’ve been praying hard for some tormented souls and have felt the need to protect myself through this. 

As I started to sing ‘this little light’ the other day, I wondered ‘why is my light little’. 

It feels big, because I am not alone. 

I realized that I am not out trying to shine my earthly light into the darkness of the earth, but I am here trying to reflect the light of Christ onto His people. The strength of my little light is extremely powerful, because it is a direct reflection of the Perfect Love of our Lord. The little light is a beacon from God to guide our path and see us home safely. 

~Kim Weingart