Your Rx for Fear

Have you been paralyzed by fear? 
Fear of others, fear of the unknown, fear of failing?

In just minutes a day, Your Rx for Fear can powerfully shift you from all those fear factors in your life and replace them with faith-filled promises to help you step out of fear and into the courageous life you were created for. 

About the Author

Michelle Bollom is Founder of Restored Ministries, a non profit that offers inner healing and wholeness to others in her community and beyond. Michelle is a natural born encourager that loves to share with people the powerful promises in God’s Word. Michelle’s positive, not preachy, approach has allowed her to share daily encouragement and inspiration with people from all over the world and all walks of life. She loves encouraging others to release all that is hindering and holding them back. Simply teaching others to replace the lies of the enemy with the powerful and transformational truths found in God’s Word, allows them to live restored, mind body and soul.

You can purchase my latest book Here

Or also available on Amazon in paperback and kindle Here

Or you can get both copies of my new books; Your Rx for Fear and Your Rx for Healing signed and shipped for any donation of $25 or more made to Restored Ministries Here

Or join us live for their debut on 2/25/17 at our upcoming #LiveInLoveEvent2017 in NW Houston TX area – see event details Here

Thank you so much for all your support! 

    ~ XXOO Michelle Bollom 

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