Twins Again 

I was born an identical twin and surprisingly had fraternal twins, a boy and a girl.  

Wow! Hard to believe that was almost 18 years ago.  

I started out in life doing the whole “Double Thing” I guess you could say.  

Well today I am excited to announce -it’s Twins Again! 

I am now a published Author! Of not one, but two books.  

I actually have other books I was writing and very close to finishing when God took me and my amazing director, editor and friend, Kim, on a new direction and had us focus now on my PrayerScript series.  

We set a goal and it multiplied! 

Twinning Is Winning! 

Now to finish the other 5 in this 7 book series and my other books as well.

Thank you to all our blog followers, family and friends for your support!  

Tomorrow we will have 2 blogs that will publish with all the details and links so you too can grab a copy of my twin books –

Your Rx for Fear and Your Rx for Healing.

            Thanks again for all your support! 

             ~ XXOO Michelle Bollom 

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