Unfathomable Greatness

Great is the Lord and most worthy of praise; his greatness no one can fathom. –Psalm 145:3 NIV

Recently, the Lord has blessed me with the opportunity to celebrate with families who once struggled. I’ve been privileged by the opportunity to walk beside some who have been labeled, forgotten and judged. 

They are generations of dried out roots and the abundant fruit of pain and brokenness.

They are blamed and ignored due to bad choices. They become an outcast because they failed to meet an expectation. They are overlooked, because it seems easier to hide behind what one isn’t ready to admit.  

I get it. 
I was once there.
Sometimes, I still can be there. 
I have been guilty of all of these.
And…I have been one of these families.

I am thankful that God provides a reason for each of our lives. He offers a purpose for the areas that have been scorched by pain. He gives restoration for the cracks that needed sealed with the comfort of his love.

He is gracious. He is kind. He is all-knowing. He gives, not for the intention to be condemning, HE IS so that we can have a safe place that mirrors the reflection of his mercy.

Referenced are the the mile markers planted in the last few seasons. 

I have learned and grown in the transparency of shared experiences. I find joy in watching the transformation in God’s next generation. I am in Awe. 

Sometimes I look up at the big blue, open sky, and mutually find myself in agreement. Yes, Lord, this life has been nothing short of your magnificent greatness.

~ Baring His Beauty,

    Tiffany Thomas