One True LoveĀ 

My highest calling is to minister to my King

I am held captive by His love for me

He became my very life

The air that I breath

The sound of my heartbeat

Every song that I sing

I have denied myself to be 

One with Him

Brought every sacrifice that He 

has asked of me

It was burned on the altar

Till all I could see was 

His reflection in me

Through tears and surrender

I have come to know His heart

I would not trade this journey for 

silver or gold

At His feet, He has restored me

In His presence, I was made whole

I am a symbol of an abandoned life

His end time Bride

His warrior princess

I am a love sick lover

Of Jesus my Bridegroom

I am in awe of Him

Addicted to His presence

No words will ever be able to describe how I feel

This love affair with Jesus makes 

me complete

For the One that I love gave me

His all

He taught me the meaning of

sacrificial love

He is a covenant keeper

His whole being is wrapped in love

I long for Him with my every breath

I am crazy in love with the One 

called Love

I can do without everything

Except our secret place meetings

When I am hidden in Him

May everything I do reflect His glory

May my life be a vision of His heart

May I touch everyone I come into contact with

Till every one, become One with Him

I am sold out to my One True love

I am overthrown and overtaken 

by my Bridegroom alone

I was born to find my place in Him

Jesus is my greatest need


~ Ebigale Wilson