Crown of Life Dance 

“Blessed is the man or (woman in my case) who remains steadfast under trial, for when she has stood the test she will receive the crown of life, which God has promised to those who love him” James 1:12

“Double Dog Dare Ya” Challenge: 

Each day take some time to “posture” or position yourself to hear from God. You will be amazed at what God deposits in your spirit when you are intentional and expecting to hear from Him. 

I read this scripture and paused to soak in what it would mean to have a crown of life. I immediately visualized myself with a golden crown on my head. It had a red heart- shaped gem in the center.

 It was as if the crown had a sound that was declaring, “Love never fails” every time I turned and twirled. My dance welcomed a new partner. Jesus appeared asking for my hand to dance. Immediately, I gave him my crown 👑. I knew the scripture verse that said at the end we return our crowns. I wanted to show respect. But just as soon as I gave it away to him, it appeared on my head again. Now we were both wearing the crowns. Jesus then proceeded to put a big purple overcoat on me that hung off of my shoulders. It drooped to the floor making me look like a small child wearing their dad’s oversized coat. 

I started to dance dragging around the coat and crown on my head. I just needed a wand as I twirled and I would have fit in a fairy tale that ended happily ever after. Immediately in my spirit or rather in my thoughts I heard Jesus say to me.

I wrote it down. 
I crown you with my crown 

I dress you with my garment of praise. 

I charge you with my dance. 

Freedom Dance 

All I did was take 5 minutes to be still and know that He is God. 

I read a scripture. 

I opened up my imagination 

I asked. 

I received. 

I received or rather danced away wearing my crown of life, knowing who I am as daughter of the King. 

I can move mountains with those garments, crown and revelation. 

Dance On, 

Kelley Allison