Disturb The Darkness

Bleed this rhythm of love

And watch it erupt in someone’s night;

Fiercely pursue in love,

Someone who’s afraid of it,

Who needs it the most;

Scars are a medal

To those who’ve endured hell

On earth and survived it

Because they were strong enough,

So why not believe that;

Embrace your pain

So your audience can see strength

In the midst of struggle;

Don’t pretend to have it all together

Let yourself fall and accept it,

Don’t put a mask of perfection on

Because we all know the struggle;

Live your life without regrets

Live in the light,

Not the shadows

Where you continue to wait;

Disturb the darkness 

With your inner light,

Distract it with your fearlessness

Because we can;

We all have the choice to live,

To be more than our past

Defines us as;

We are not a label,

Unless the label defines 

Who we are in Christ;

We can all bleed life in some form

We can be unstoppable,

A fearless child of God

Capable of the unthinkable;

We must choose to live,

To be strong for those 

Who want to stop their timeline;

Because they don’t want to die

They just want the pain to stop;

With God all things are possible,

But one must believe that;

To know God means to know peace,

To feel His presence breathing

Life within you, inside and out;

His love bleeds an ocean

I baptize myself in,

So that I may know Him;

May I never grow faint,

But always be undaunted

~ Bethany Anne