The Awakened BrideĀ 

She has been hurt

You don’t have to ask her

Her face tells the story

Of a journey of pain

Of dreams long forgotten

Buried deep under shame

Her eye’s reflect

Many stories untold

There was no one to listen

to the cries of her heart

Her body bowed low

crushed by pain and betrayal

No sign of hope to be found in a body so frail

Does she know that He loves her?

Does she know that He cares?

Has anybody told her that 

He is crazy about her?

That He knows her by name?

He’s the One who defined her

He’s the One she needs most

Her identity is locked up in

What He speaks over her

She will find what she needs

As she moves closer to Him 

She will discover her worth

In His deep love for her

She will straighten her crown

She will run on the waves

She will shout to the weary  

“Come and take your place!!!”

She has taken His invitation 

To passionately pursue Him

She glistens with His glory

She is dressed in His joy

She is stronger than what has

kept her in chains 

She has let go of what was 

She embraced this new start

She now knows He’s coming back 

for a spotless bride

So she better get ready

There’s no time to waste

She is taking her place

As His warrior daughter

Her pain a vague memory

She is drenched in His love

Undone by His heart

Forever she is overtaken 

by the King of her heart

~ Ebigale Wilson