Be Fearless 

Diving deep into an ocean,

Masked in strength and endurance,

This remedy can cure the disease

We all know to be evident within;

Seeing ourselves on the edge 

About to leap with faith,

Into the vast and deep ocean

Below can be mind-blowing,

But only if we actually do it;

Our minds are the battlefield 

Where we choose our gear,

Unpredictable is the choice 

That will launch us in a direction

Where our lives will begin

To bleed our wounds healed

In the name of Jesus;

Our inner selves want to be known,

To be seen and heard,

So why do we choose to live 

In the shadows;

Thinking when will be the time

To bloom, when really,

We believe we’ll never be ready;

So choose a cause

Wear a face of war,

Don’t back down, ever;

Loosen the grip on yesterday

Seek to devour the fear within

Lead by example

Push the darkness

To see the light all around

Don’t lose hope

Forgive yourself and others

Love fiercely

Rid yourself from sin

Give life a BIG chance

Don’t believe the lies

Embrace truth as it comes


~Bethany Anne