The Wilderness BrideĀ 

She walked with her past on her face for too long

Her pain became part of her very existence

It dimmed her eyes and flowed from her mouth

She was not nice to be around

Till He allured her into the wilderness

Where He spoke kindly to her

His heart and His arms 

transformed her

Into the daughter He created 

her to be

There is a glow on her face and her tenderness in her touch

Her eyes shine with His love 

and His grace

She is free at last from her fears and her pain

In the wilderness she discovered who she really was

His covenant daughter

An atmosphere changer

Transformed into His image

Clothed with His love

She is strong and courageous

His battle axe and His weapon 

of war

He makes her strong through intimacy

And she clings to every word that He speaks over her

She became a story of His mercy and grace

Extended to all the weary ones, 

she embraces

So that they too would be lured 

into the wilderness

Never to be the same

~ Ebigale Wilson