The Hurting BrideĀ 

She never knew a love so deep existed

All she knew was the love of cheap lovers

They lured her in, they messed with her

They left her with scars and then they would leave

This was her journey for years

No one really saw her

No one cared to know her
Her walls came up, her heart grew darker

She could never trust a man near her

The trail they left in her life was

That of bitterness and pain

Would she ever be free, from her past and her pain?
Then He passed by her and saw her

He was captivated by her beauty

He shone His light on her dark heart

Slowly He won her over

His love filled every dark place in her heart

Her walls came crashing down
Darkness had to make way for a new beginning

Why didn’t anyone tell her that a love so deep existed?

His love nursed her back to life

All her broken pieces where made whole

She has found her passion in life

Forever transformed into His image
She now works as one of His bride’s

Helping the Lover of her heart

To nurse soon to be brides

Back to life 

Back to His heart

~ Ebigale Wilson 

ebigale@The Journey