Our New Promised Land 

Leave Babylon; flee from the Chaldeons! 

  We are called out of this world’s system. 

We are subjects in a new kingdom, with vastly different laws and family traditions than citizens of this present age. We are not to be short sighted or consumed with the earthly ambitions of pleasure seeking, the accumulation of wealth, or the attainment of status. Rather, we are to find our pleasure, possessions, and status in our relationship with the King and with the princes and princesses of our new heavenly kingdom.

Wisdom delights in creation and in its creatures, especially in mankind. We delight in the saints – the glorious children of God. We are taught to be forbearing, patient, and long suffering with one another, just like Our Father. We share our possessions, our time, our affection, and our encouragement. Gone is the scarcity mentality; now there is abundance, provision, and all sufficiency in Christ.

We leave behind fear, anger, and hate. We leave behind vain glory, selfishness, and meanness. Love, acceptance, nurturance and discipleship are our new watch words. We are not competing; we are cooperating in the creation of a glorious future where righteousness rules, where peace and harmony are the order of the day.

We can now come to Our Heavenly Father for loving approval, inspiration, and soul restoration. Generous approbation Our Father is ready to lavish on us when we seek his face; he longs to praise us as we put our faith in him and in his loving care. He will praise us and bless us with blessings suited to our new promised land. He will lavish his love upon us as we reciprocate and love him with our whole heart.

~ Brad Heilhecker 

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