Inner Ocean 

If I am swimming in His ocean of peace,

Then I won’t drown in the raging waters

Bleeding from the wounded sky,

Trying to get me to give way

To the bullets hitting my body,

From above, to give up,

Trying to use His height

As a manipulation tool, that it’s God

Doing this, when really this world

Is so fragmented, it’s hard to see clearly

Through eyes attached to flesh;

His love is the ocean baptizing

My sin forgiven, my life paid for;

He took me out of gravitating depths,

To light surfaced on the ocean’s face,

Breathed my depth into me;

He overflowed this ocean with His life,

Therefore, the enemy’s darkness

Can’t absorb my inner intentions

To live this life to the fullest;

Forget the thought reminisced

Before this one-to die

For that isn’t God’s plan for us

When life gets tough,

As darkness closes in, we are to look

To the One who knows no fear,

Not to the one who gives it

             ~Bethany Anne