Lift Up Your Eyeglasses 

It’s been a bumpy ride this past week in America. We have a new president elect and immediately protests and in some cases riots break out across this nation. I use the term riots because there have been many reports of arrests, violence and vandalism. Even as I write this short blog. Don’t worry I will keep it short. I am thinking I have to choose my words carefully not to offend someone or say something that could be misconstrued. This is where many have found themselves at the end of the year 2016.


Offended in the Unrest of the Future

What if we could take out the worry of being politically incorrect, offending others, saying something that could be misunderstood and just focused on NOT offending God. Not everyone has a relationship with God that would motivate them to take this challenge. So we just have to leave those folks alone. 

They won’t participate. 

Do you want to participate?

 I do!!
Before I open my mouth I must ask??

Does this sentence give glory to God?

Do my actions or words offend God?
In case you need clarity on the word offend. 

Let’s look up the meaning. 




cause to feel upset, annoyed, or resentful.

“viewers said they had been offended by bad language”

synonyms: hurt someone’s feelings, give offense to, affront, displease, upset, distress, hurt, wound; More


commit an illegal act.

“a small hard core of young criminals who offend again and again”

synonyms: break the law, commit a crime, do wrong, sin, go astray, transgress; archaictrespass

“criminals who offend again and again”

Just think about if everything we said or did we were more concerned about how God would feel about our words than what others think. I find freedom in knowing I don’t have to please anyone with my words but God. It’s actually a breath of fresh air knowing I’m not chained to pleasing others, and worrying about offending others. I just fix my eyes on Him and choose to do everything with that perspective in mind. A shift then occurs and He gives me insight into what’s really going on and I am able to see situations through His eyes. I receive clarity and I am able to pray for those who have not yet received the 411 on God’s love and grace. Does it make sin and wrongdoings justified? No way!!! It allows me to move out of the way to pray and be an example of God’s love and light. 

Light overcomes the darkness.

Love never fails !

I find that when I please God with my words others tend to be soothed and there is little room for an altercation to occur. When I decide I don’t want to offend God others will show respect even if they don’t agree with me.  


God is Love. 

It’s a great experiment to try. I practice when I am around people who are polar opposite of my beliefs. This is where the love never fails comes to your rescue. If you find yourself having a hard time loving someone who is so different. Ask God to help you. He is the only One who can help you with that challenge. 

“So, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God.”

I Corinthians 10:31

Lift up your “eyeglasses” (get it?)
Cheers to Pleasing God,

Kelley Allison