Driving Forward 

My favorite verse has always been: 

Proverbs 3:5-6

Trust in the Lord with all your heart 

In all your ways acknowledge Him

And he will direct your paths. 

You can actually buy this print and others from 


I loved the Volkswagen bug with the surf board sticking out the back because it makes me think of the surfing and hippy happy thoughts of the beach. ✌️ Peace Out 

👉 Get Out 

Now get on out and vote according to trusting God, acknowledging Him and He will direct your vote. 

Remember we are not electing a squeaky clean perfect pastor. We are electing a president who has the business of running our country. 

However it’s important to see where each candidate stands on each issue. 

If you are not exactly sure you can check out the link below. It discusses 75 issues and if the candidates are pro or con on each topic. 

It’s very important to know everything about who you are voting for this week and on Election Day. 
For example:

If you vote for someone who supports abortion, then you come into agreement with that stand for abortion. 

You just voted for abortion. 

That goes with all the issues. You have to decide what issues are MOST important to you. Then look up the ProCon link and see who agrees the closest to the most important matters of your heart. 

Your vote matters. 

Acknowledge Him and He will direct your vote. 

Driving forward,

Kelley Allison