Reflect His Truth 

Rhythm flows through my veins

As flashbacks from past pains

Interlock with this vision

To become more than my past

Has tried to bury me in


Strings wring around my neck

Creating a fire breathed from my mind,

Sent through my fingertips

Responding to this masterpiece

Trying to birth into an unstoppable ocean


Darkness once my friend,

Now my worst enemy

I leave it, exposed to light

My intentions are to rise

Above this malevolent lie


I know who I am

Not a slave to the one who calls

Me by my sin,

But I belong to the One

Who calls me “His”


I drown the lies and absorb truth

My flesh takes me backwards,

But my God takes me forward

His truth is engraved upon my spirit;

This heart belongs to Him


I don’t accept good enough to get by

I choose to overflow this ocean

Breathed into me, giving me depth,

His love baptized me in this river,

This moment where I embraced His presence


Stepping beyond the shore

I trust He will take me out

Where He wants me to be,

Not wanting more, I’ll be content

And bloom where I am planted


This season may seem like it goes on forever,

But my forever is really my eternity

With the One who gave me this life

To give back to Him, to reflect His truth

In the night, to the ones who need Him the most

~ Bethany Anne