The Grace Of The Dance 

Maybe I should get out of bed and go to work. Maybe I should visit that church down the street. I don’t feel quite at ease; maybe I should talk to God and try to figure out what is going on in my heart.

Sometimes we wait for God to speak to us unmistakably and dramatically, when he is waiting on us to come to him in our quiet moments before the drama starts and before loud commands are needed to get our attention.

The problem may lie in our perception of God. We may see him as a God that needs to make himself dramatically known. We may see him as a God that is anxiously awaiting the opportunity to save the day and swoop in to deliver us in our hour of crisis. Maybe we need to see him as he was with Adam and Eve in the garden, walking and talking with them in the cool of the day, just enjoying sweet communion with his beloved.

Maybe he knows that if we only come to him in our moments of crisis, then our hearts really aren’t ready for a mature relationship with him. How do we feel when those we love only come to us when they are in a crisis and need something from us? We may help those we love when they are in need, but I think we would much prefer that they would come and develop a relationship with us before things in their life get out of hand. Randy Travis has a song that includes a line, “find the Lord before you need him”. Wise words, indeed!

Maybe we need to realize that Our God is a friendly God that likes having friends. Abraham was called a friend of God. Moses had an intimate face to face relationship with God. Enoch walked with God and pleased God and was saved from death. John was a disciple that Jesus loved, and his writings flow with intimate descriptions of Christ and insightful commands regarding walking in love and unity with God. 

We have heard it said that we need to listen for the still, small voice of God. It is true; the Almighty likes to whisper to us; he likes to nudge us in the right direction, and he delights when we become sensitive to his gentle ways and learn to dance with him.

Watch the artistic moves of the loving couple on the dance floor. The woman moves with her partner, and you never see a forceful, or clumsy manipulation by the man. They have learned to move as one. They have become accustomed to the grace of the dance. It is a delight to behold. It must be a delight to the dancers themselves. Let us learn to dance with Our Father.

                       ~ Brad Heilhecker 

2 thoughts on “The Grace Of The Dance 

  1. I shared this post with family and friends. One wrote, “This is simply beautiful! I love it!” Another wrote, “I am so touch and blessed by Brad’s writing So many things he said, will stay in my heart and mind.”

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