Hope – The Next Exit 

It sure feels hopeless at these times of transition in America. Well, maybe transition or maybe more of the same thing leading to worse things. I can’t even watch the news without getting a rise in my blood pressure. I think many Americans are feeling the same way. Hopeless!

 Last night I went to the movie “Revive Us” by Kirk Cameron. It was basically a live interactive family meeting held across many movie theaters in the US. 

The purpose was to call Christians together to do three things. 



Twenty five million evangelicals who are registered to vote DID NOT vote the last election. That election candidate won by five million votes. 

Shame on us!! 
We can’t complain about what is going on all around us if we don’t exercise our right to vote. It’s a privilege and right that was paid for by Americans who fought for the freedoms in our country. We take for granted our rights and freedoms in America. 

The meeting was a great reminder for us all to go out and vote. It’s up to us Christians to get out of our little church box and go affect our culture by voting for the candidate that will protect our rights and beliefs. I was also reminded our hope is not in this world but in Christ. That doesn’t give us a pass to sit back and not be proactive in our communities. 

Let’s remember that we are not voting for a pastor or a perfect person with a perfect record. 

I’m not sure they can be found. 

Ben Carson was asked in the Revive Us meeting the question, “How do you vote for the lesser of two evils in this election?”. He reminded us that everyday we make choices that involve this concept. He gave us the scenario:

What if you had the choice between having both your legs cut off or having an irritating paper cut? The choice is quite simple. So is the candidate choice. Look at the effects of the impact. Which one will bring the most damage and loss of mobility to allow you to walk out your Christian beliefs. 

The national “family meeting” brought me hope at the next exit. We have an opportunity to impact what happens by exercising that right to vote and getting involved with helping others to pray, think and vote. 
I encourage you to take a friend and go see the Encore on Monday, October 24th at a theater near you. 

There is hope at the next exit. 
We just have to put our turn signal on and take it.

Exit now,

Kelley Allison


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