Absorb His Truth 

His love bleeds wounds healed,

For He is healer of the soul barely beating

With life, His voice carries your worth

Deep within your heart, for it’s the island

To the ocean encompassing love

Breathed into the midst of the storm,

Bringing rage to calm;

He will bring your chaos to order,

Restoring you;

He gives life so we can reflect Him

In our lives, not for self-gain,

For we are nothing without Him;

We are darkness without light

Giving us reason to see,

We are slaves without His freedom

Allowing us to break chains with the past

And with our sins, which doesn’t define us;

We must find our identity in Christ,

For without Him, we are no one to this world;

Everyone on earth looks for worth in temporary form,

When all we need to do is look to Him, the permanent solution

To all fear, pain, and darkness invading our spirit;

We must listen to the source of life and absorb His truth,

For without it, we’ll be vulnerable to the lies of the enemy

Who wants to kill, steal, and destroy us;

Christ came so that you might have life

And have it abundantly;

Take advantage of it.

~ Bethany Anne

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