Keep Digging Your Well

We want instant water.  No work involved.   

We want drive through breakthroughs. Instant weight loss. Instant satisfaction. Instant success. Instant gratification. Instant growth and maturity.
      We want it all-

           Now Now Now!

But just like in the old days – to get to that refreshing, cleansing, healing water you had to have a reliable container free from holes and defects. You needed a strong sturdy rope without any worn or frayed spots. You needed to lower the bucket and rope down into the deep well and fetch that water and pull it back up with strong and steady arms.

Then and only then was the water retrieved and able to be received.

You may have had to spend years digging the well and laying every brick yourself, before you could taste that very first drink.

That first taste will be a little more refreshing, sweeter, and colder because you did the preparations first. You did all the ground work. You were faithful to inspect and correct the little things that would aid in being successful in fetching that water. Your sweat and tears dug every shovel full of dry hard dirt and laid every brick.

Why did you do it?


So not only you could have access to the Water
you so desperately needed to quench your thirst; but so that many many more can come drink from the well you built.  

Don’t despise the work needed to be done or the time it may take to finally be able to fetch the water that will quench your thirst.  

 Keep digging, keep laying, keep preparing.

                        Others need you!
They need the Living Water that only your well can provide.

~ XXOO Michelle Bollom


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