A Stumbling Man 

I rather be a stumbling man who is desperately in need of God’s grace and tender mercies every moment of everyday. 

A man who is beyond clingy to The Gospel of Christ and the person of Christ. 

A man who can not take a step without first kneeling and crying out from the depths of myself to Him for guidance and strength knowing apart from Him I can do nothing and I am nothing.

I rather be a poor man in your eyes than to be a successful Christian man to the worlds standards. Rather than a man who is deceived by his good works and his self righteousness. 

I rather be a man who spends countless hours in the word a still lacks wisdom and understanding. Rather than a man whose only knowledge and wisdom come from a watered down gospel from a church that is only interested in numbers and not teaching the love of the Father and the conformity to His beloved son Christ Jesus. 

I rather be a broke man that is abundant in hope and rich in love. A man who clothes his family in unwavering love and feeds them the true bread of The Gospel rather a man who clothes his family in expensive trends and false comforts of this world. 

I rather be a desperate man, a clingy man, and broke man that loves as He has loved and strives to conform to the very image of Christ Jesus our Lord and savior.

I rather be a Son that is madly in love with His Father and knows Him intimately rather than be a man that works his way to heaven and hears Jesus’ voice say “depart from me, I never knew you.”

                   ~ Thomas Joel Trevino 

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