Now She Is Set Free 

She is a universe

Her face is the sky holding constellations

Found in her eyes;

Her insides are the core breathing

Life into surrounding beauty;

Her feet have walked in intense darkness,

Stumbled and fallen many times

And yet she is still picking herself up,

To bleed wounds healed from memories

Encompassing her mind;

Freedom over enslavement,

Life over death;

Rhythms from the heart play her life in tune

To echo sounds coming from inner battles

Fought and won,

Felt and overcome;

To be more than a feeling,

More like the seed planted in severe conditions;

It endured storms and drought

Yet still remained in the ground,

Her roots held on and was birthed

A second time to the God who sent the rain

To cause her to grow and eventually bud

Underneath the Son, to be strong enough

To fight off the infections taken on by the weak;

This flower breathed beauty,

Overflowed in peace,

Her depths began to surface,

Causing her mind to free itself from enslavement

To profound pain;

She walks by the flower now budding

In profound beauty,

And understands the journey it went through

To embrace this day,

This moment,

This hour

Before time was forgotten,

Erased from the mind;

She now believes in His unfailing love;

Love use to be an ocean

She couldn’t baptize herself in,

But His faithfulness has endured

And her mind is allowing the light

To shine in her darkness,

His love to embrace her

Through all the pain,


Inner shame,


And everything that was used

To envelope her in a world full of darkness,

Where she couldn’t touch the light

Even if she tried;

But now she is set free

And her wings pick the body up

To escape the cage she’s been living in

For far too long;

Before, she was a victim,

But now she is a victor

And her wings carry her above depths,

Into the light absorbing darkness;

She knows who she is

And whose she is;

No longer a slave to this world,

But living her life as a servant to God-

The One who created beauty from her ashes,

Peace from her storm;

She breathes truth now,

No more lies,

For she knows that’s all they are;

She trusts God, choosing to live for Him

From actions to spoken words,

She accepts the challenge to fight

Because she knows she’ll win

With God on her side;

No matter the problem or situation,

God is bigger than anything she’ll ever face


With God all things are possible;

Trust Him and see where He takes you

~ Bethany Anne 

Don’t Miss The Signs 

Sometimes we can miss the subtlest of signs laid out in front of us designed to help us take the right path God is laying out before us.  

Be encouraged that regardless what detour you may have taken- you can always get back on the right road to redemption, restoration and wholeness with God.  

He always provides a way out when we seek Him! 

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