Celebrate Rejection 


noun re·jec·tion \ri-ˈjek-shən\

Definition of rejection

* :  the act of not accepting, believing, or considering something :  the state of being rejected

In the Garden of Gethsemane, when Jesus’ disciples fell asleep on Him I wonder if Jesus felt rejection?  
Disappointment? Sadness? Irritated? Angry? 
     Maybe a little bit of all of these things….

From the definition of rejection, I am sure it is true that Jesus must have felt a lot of rejection at times. Many were not accepting, believing or considering of Him.  

Many times we are not accepted, included or considered by others. That is what makes up rejection.  

No one is exempt from rejection.  

We can be rejected for no reason. 

Rejected because of something we said or did in our past.

Rejected because of something we have changed about ourselves that some people aren’t comfortable with the changes.

Rejected by how we look.

Rejected by how we talk.

Rejected by others because they want someone or something better than they think we have to offer. 

Rejected because of what we believe.

We can be rejected by strangers, friends, and even our family.  

I may not know what all emotions Jesus felt in the garden but what I do know for sure about rejection is…. 

Jesus wasn’t exempt so we surely won’t be. 

If we change our perception of rejection, it is easier to move beyond those hurt feelings.

Take on the new perspective that rejection is simply God’s protection.

No matter the situation, no matter the person, no matter the reasons….. Trust that God is protecting you.
Just like Jesus trusted in His Father in the garden and at the cross amidst all the rejection He faced by so many that didn’t accept, believe, or consider that He was the Messiah.

Some people will only want you around when they can gain or benefit from you or something you have. Some only want you around when they can control you. Many will not have your back and fall asleep on you when you need them the most. Some won’t accept you no matter what you say or do. Some won’t ever believe in you, or even consider to include you or give you a chance. 
Rejection will always come- but the most important things to remember:

People’s behavior and their exclusion or rejection of you does not reflect or diminish your worth, your ability, or your value. You are so much more valuable to God that He uses the rejection of others to simply protect you. Don’t settle for less than God’s perfect best for you or your life. 

Trust in the only One who never will reject you. 
Begin to celebrate rejection because you know that when rejection comes, God is protecting you and that He ultimately has something far far greater in store for you. 
         ~XXOO Michelle Bollom