Lereca Monik – Ms. Texas America 2016 

I am up way past my bedtime and am just too over joyed to sleep.  Many of you that follow our blog know Lereca Monik as one of our bloggers for the past two years- but tonight she was the 2nd runner up on her journey to the crown for Ms. America 2016.

Lereca represented Texas well! 

She was stunning with her signature big beautiful smile! 

I was so excited when she made it to the top 12! 

Over the moon when she was awarded The Spirit of America Award.

Just look at her beauty radiate! 

Then she made the top 5! 

And I just about chewed off all my nails and was holding my breath so hard when she made the top 3.

Oh! look at our angel in white!

Lereca finished as 2nd runner up.

That is no small accomplishment!
We can’t be more proud of her!

She still wears a glorious crown that her Daddy God has reserved special just for her.  

We are believing and praying for great big things for her future! 

~XXOO Michelle Bollom 

You can read Lereca’s Behind The Smile blogs Here

And more great blogs by Lereca in her DARE and Good Night Mom series Here
Connect with Lereca on Facebook Here


2 thoughts on “Lereca Monik – Ms. Texas America 2016 

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