Conversing With Our Creator 


Ah, the agony, the ecstasy! To converse with our creator, to just talk with him, to reveal ourselves to him, to have him reveal himself to us. 

 This is our privilege and our highest level of discipline. For if we will be faithful in prayer and will stay in contact with Our Father, he will shed light on our steps, rejoice our hearts, and inspire our minds.

We long for intimacy and for the thrill of being yoked to someone or something greater than ourselves. Our human relationships grant us a glimpse of such communion. Our Father waits for us to make the leap of faith and risk engaging with him fearlessly and expectantly. Dead religion, obligatory prayers, and life lived in our own strength must give way to abandonment to the Almighty, our Jehovah Rapha, Jehovah Jireh, Jehovah Nissi, Jehovah Shalom, and Jehovah Shammah (I Am Your Healer, Provider, Banner, Peace, and the One Who Is There).

We might shrink from such an awesome responsibility as carrying on a conversation with him who has all power, love, and wisdom. What will he think of our paltry offerings? What may we bring him to delight his heart? What if he rejects us? What then? Then, where would we turn for comfort? 

 Maybe it’s better to settle for earth’s potions and elixirs. They aren’t that great but at least they are dependable for awhile.

But what if he receives us graciously? What if he welcomes our fainting attempt at conversation? What if he delights in each of our faltering baby steps? Maybe then he will show us how to walk uprightly without the crutches of earthly addictions. Maybe then we will be free to love courageously, live freely, and rejoice exuberantly.

Why should we shrink from taking a chance on I Am? Have we been living so powerfully and mightily on our own? Surely he will run to meet us, throw his arms around us, and invite us in to supper! Surely he will pour out his heart to us! Surely he will comfort us, encourage us, and strengthen us for our pilgrimages!

               ~Brad Heilhecker