I Will Trust In His Name 

The Lord says,
I will rescue those who love me, I will protect those who trust in my name,~Psalm 91:14

I lingered in despair. I was without hope and stripped of my identity.

But now…..I praise God above who said, “What is my truth? For it is plenty.”

He said, “There is no lie that defines who you are. 

I come with no condemnation.

There is no need to compare yourself.

Because I have given you the name – CHOSEN

Somehow, painful wounds, have deceived you into questioning.

You see…. I have come so that you may have life in the completeness of my will,
not only for here on this earth, but also for all that is in heaven.

You were bought for a price, paid in full. My life was sacrificed for it all.

My love for you has always been with the greatest of intention.

The Ultimate Gift is what it is called. It is one that requires no repayment.

Understanding my truth, knowing who you are, will be exchanging your past
for my perfection. I made you unique, one of a kind; you are set apart –
in the likeness of my own image. So run to me oh weary one, come out from
under dark places. For there is a light unmistakably present, in the
transparency of your Father.

My love for you is offered out of kindness, grace, and mercy.

For I planned your life a long time ago. My purpose would be for many. 
It will become the identity mirrored between a Father and a daughter.

So go now, my child, and be fulfilled, in the promises that I have spoken.

For your life was orchestrated from the beginning of time.

I am forever and always unchanging.

Go out to the ends of the earth, and Share the heart of your Father.

GOD sacrificed Himself so that (I – we) could understand His TRUTH. God has given us all a name. What name has he given to you? What is your identity in Christ? 

May you be reminded that you are His masterpiece; full in purpose, sought out and planned. Walk in His love and truth this day; be ready for His journey.

           Baring His Beauty,

            Tiffany Thomas