Life Is Simple 

Lately, I have been reminded how simple everything is in life and I make it difficult. 

To keep it short and sweet here are three examples from this week I am reminded……
                       Life is Simple 


I dread the 4:00 pm time that I open the fridge or pantry and am forced to think, think think!!
What am I making for dinner? I have waited again till the very last minute to magically pull together a hearty healthy meal. 
Plan ahead and prepare earlier. 

Next time…..

Pull up recipe videos while grocery shopping to get ingredients and watch the video while you make it. 

Problem solved
I made this last night. It got two votes for a remake. Needs at least three to survive. 

Chicken Fried Rice Recipe 


The house is a wreck. The kitchen looks like a bomb went off and everything landed on the bar scattered with the mail from two days ago. 

Next time…..

Put everything away immediately in the proper place. Enlist your kids to help you be on clutter patrol. 

Problem solved 

Jobs are always easier with helping hands. 


During a prayer session with someone dealing with a reoccurring struggle I was yet again reminded. We make it hard and it’s really quite simple. 
Replace the lie with the truth!!

Sometimes you have to go back and unearth where the lie started taking root in your mind. Dig deep with a shovel and cut off the lies that have became your truth about yourself or others. 

Next time….

Discover what the truth is and replace the lie with the truth. A new identity starts emerging and that struggle disappears. 

Problem solved 

It’s Sozo Simple

Here is just one Example of MANY who use these type of methods to bring healing and wholeness. 

Obviously, I am only scratching the surface on simple verses complex life lessons. Let’s just end with the finished work on the Cross. 

The Simple Gospel. 
For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son that whosoever believes in him shall not perish but have everlasting life.  –John 3:16 

It’s that simple guys. 

Believe and be saved. 

Check out The Simple Gospel sang by these handsome young gentleman below:

Ball Brothers – It’s About The Cross

Simply Put,

Kelley Allison