Reflecting And Releasing 

Here are some “takeaway’s” that have really encouraged me this last week and year as I have been doing some reflecting and releasing in my life. 

            May they encourage you too. 

God does have a purpose for every gift. Even the Gift of Goodbye.  

Don’t hold too tightly to things God is trying to move out of your life. Hold on loosely to everyone and everything but God.  

Offense is the enemies biggest method of destruction. Be unoffendable.   

Don’t let those that mistreat you defeat you.

Don’t rehearse your hurts- Release to be Restored. Release and forgive and don’t hold on to anger and bitterness. 

You can’t change anything by worrying or reasoning. 

God’s purposes and plans are perfect. Trust God Fully in EVERYTHING. 

Redemption(making something better) does not always look like we want it to.  

People will judge and reject you unfairly- Rejection is God’s protection. Embrace it! 

Not everyone will like you, wants to like you, or needs to like you. But always remember God loves you! 

The people in our life are like shadows shifting- some for a season, some for a lesson, and sometimes the shadows have to be shifted so you can fully shine. 

Perceptions Are Full of Deceptions.

Discernment is a great gift.  

Don’t apologize for anything God has revealed or spoken to you. Even if it isn’t believed or received by others. 

Not everyone can go where God is calling you. 

Thank God for answered prayers even if they aren’t how we wanted them answered. 

Strife opens the door to every evil thing- aim to live a Strife Free Life! 

Silence speaks volumes. Save your voice and know when to shut up and just walk away. 

Let the Lord fight your battles.  

Far greater is for you than against you. 

Obedience to God always Trumps the Opinions of others. Be obedient even when it’s uncomfortable. 

Christ first- Christ center! 

Praise God in everything- the good and the bad.

Hurting people hurt people. 

People disappoint- God never does.

Negativity is contagious- be careful who you surround yourself with. 

Always Keep Your Love On.

And as my daddy used to say- 

When you get punched in the lip baby girl- you just keep on a whistling.  
                ~XXOO Michelle Bollom