Ode To Grace 

What can we do that the Lord is not doing through us? What can we pray without the help of the Holy Spirit? What can we think without the Word of God resonating in our souls?

 It is enough to yield to the Lord’s work in us, to pray in the Spirit, and to meditate on the Word. It is enough to keep our hearts and our minds focused on Christ. It is enough to know that we are the beloved children of God.

Every heartbeat, every breath, every thought, every feeling we have is a gift. We are the benefactors of Our Father’s beneficent Spirit. He lives to give. He delights in having children on whom to bestow his gifts. He grieves when we don’t allow him to give himself to us; he grieves for us and for himself, for we all lose out when we refuse his gifts of grace.

God’s pleasure and our good are inextricably connected. He delights in the prosperity of his servants. He rejoices when we live well, when our hearts are wise, when we speak well. We, as his children, have the awesome privilege of bringing joy to Our Father. If we focus on pleasing him, he makes sure that we are happy and joyful. If he is living in us and he is happy, how can we be otherwise?

Our outrageous inheritance is eternal bliss. As we deal with the sorrows of this life, let us not miss this. Right now, we are in a war – a war for the souls of men. It is not easy; it is not always fun, and it requires rigorous discipline sometimes.  

Even Christ learned obedience by what he suffered. He, like us, came from and was heading back to heaven, where there is no suffering. Only here can we learn the lessons and acquire the disciplines that suffering brings. The only thing perfect about this life is that it is a perfect training ground for heaven.

Heaven will be all about Jesus; it is his kingdom. We are here for only a short time to learn to live and to serve in his kingdom. We are born self centered; we must learn to be God centered. It is his mercy that we often have 80 or more years in which to perfect this art. We must learn that we become more like who we were created to be the more we let Jesus have his way in our hearts and lives. We must lose the fear of losing ourselves.

Grace, mercy, & peace,

Brad Heilhecker