They Who Dwell

Dwelling in the ends of the earth, I find my heart in awe of His presence. I wait patiently for the return of the Lord. He will come as a radiant glory, turning mourning into laughter, division into unity, and give comfort in sorrowful places.

I will stand in an obedient reverence, trusting, living, and learning, as I worship the Almighty One; the same one who speaks into all of the creation, who waters life like a garden, and who turns former things into new things.

He fills my soul with an abundant overflow of His mercy, where words can not be defined, and satisfaction is created out of His goodness.

Just as He tells the dawn to rise from the darkness of night, He also makes them shout out for joy. And I too will rejoice and dance before the Lord, in all that He has done, all that He will do, and for the promised words spoken from his voice.

Psalm 65:8 NASB

They who dwell in the ends of the earth stand in awe of your signs; you make the dawn and sunset shout for joy.

~Baring His Beauty,

     Tiffany Thomas 

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