We Are All Lighthouses

My dad was an artist. He was self-taught and started late in life after being diagnosed with health issues and told he had 6 months at most to live.  

Well, he went on to live another 14 more years before he passed in 2008.  

My dad had started out painting buildings and historic homes and sites from my home town of Rockport, TX. It is a small fishing village town with a big artist community. It is North of Corpus Christi and South of Victoria, TX.  

If you still don’t know- from Houston, TX you travel south for about 4 hours and there you will run into it off Hwy 35 S.

Most people are aware or have heard of it now. It has really grown in popularity in the last ten years.  

My dad specialized in watercolor and coastal images like fish, boats, nature, fishing lures, light houses, birds etc.  

One of his prints that he did was “The Lighthouses Of Texas” in 2005. 

Last weekend I gave away some of the prints at The Power Encounter event that Restored Ministries was sponsoring for Ashford Community Church in Houston, TX. 

I told the crowd:

We are all Texas Lighthouses. We are all carrying and shining the light of Christ to guide and help others be able to find Him.

So I want to encourage you.

Whatever state, whatever country you reside in- even if there are not any historic or known lighthouses where you are-

You are a lighthouse shining the light of Christ to guide and help others find Him. 

Take a moment and add a comment and let us know where your lighthouse is located. 

~XXOO Shine Bright! Shine On! 

 Michelle Bollom 

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