Like A Bridge Over Troubled Water 

I have to say I don’t look forward to Father’s Day because it makes me miss my own Daddy so much. He went to his Forever Home with Jesus in 2008.  

I miss him like crazy! 
I was such a big ole Daddy’s Girl! 
Come to think of it- I am still a big ole Daddy’s Girl! 

My daddy was so funny and creative and boy he was a storyteller. I could listen to his stories all day long. We were so very close and spoke on the phone daily if not multiple times a day. 

My daddy was a music lover. All types of music he loved. That is where I got my love for all music too. He was also a musician, he played a mean cornet – similar to the trumpet. He played in a band like the Blues Brothers before the popular movie was even around.  

One of his all time favorite songs was Simon & Garfunkel’s – Bridge Over Troubled Water.  

He would play it and sing along. 

 I loved to jam out with him to this song!  

I have a hard time hearing it now without crying since it was played at his funeral and just makes me miss him too much. 

I did not know that in this song the duo is singing about a father guiding his offspring through the opening steps of life, explaining that any obstacles they face will be dealt with together.  

So today- in honor of All Father’s.  
Past, Present & Future; this is a perfect Father’s Day Song.  

Actually it’s a perfect any day song when you look at it from our Heavenly Father’s perspective to us. 

I love at 3:20 in the video-

Sail On Silver Girl! 

I always think of my daddy-well now both my daddy’s in Heaven, singing this over me. 

Happy Father’s Day! 
~ XXOO Michelle Bollom 

Lyrics are found in the drop down in the YouTube video. 

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