Fix Me 

Turning to everything but God

We wonder why our lives are fragmented;

Lost thoughts fill the mind with tides taking

Us down into the gravitating depths of the night

That removes our sight, causing us to stumble

In the moment we cannot afford to lose;

We must return to the only One who can save,

Be patient and wait for His timing to unfold

As our inner complications become gold

Found within ourselves, beneath all the dirt;

He is waiting for us to turn back and trust

In His plan and purpose for our lives,

For only He alone can fill the void within;

His words of truth will bleed 

Through lies believed, clinging to the mind;

He will remove the toxicity, 

Replacing it with His living Word,

Causing the demons to flee in the name of Jesus,

The only One who can save us

And heal the profound pain inside

Our empty, failing hearts waiting to beat again

     -Bethany Anne