3 thoughts on “My Diet Is Making Me Sick!

  1. Exactly what I needed to read this morning! Boy, was I indeed pride-filled all last summer as I deleted sugar and wheat from my diet, but added, pride and judgment to the pot! Once I fell completely off the wagon in October with one bite of candy corn, I haven’t been so haughty! I did confess to the Lord and have definitely “lightened up”! Once fallen, repented and forgiven, humble pie is now my daily diet! God bless you! Great writing!

    1. Oh Dianne! I so love and miss you! Pulled out some old archives last night and so glad this one from Debbie spoke to you! We miss you! If free- tomorrow we are gathering for lunch at Whistle Stop at 11 am. Would love to have you join us. XXOO

      1. Thank you for your kind invitation. I will be involved in a church ministry with Child Evangelism Fellowship tomorrow and won’t be able to get away at that time. You are so sweet to invite me! God bless you and Debbie so much!

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