On Guard 

You can’t hurt me

Steal my joy
Rob my peace
Take my seed

Not tonight

Not ever.

From now on
I guard my heart

With glee, cheerfully

You can’t be
Rude to me

I’ll love you anyway

You can’t hurt my feelings

Because I will not live that way

You can’t do anything to me 

That I do not let you do

It’s not your fault

That you can’t give me what I need

You’re just unable to

While you live your life in disbelief

I am what The Word says

Not what you think or see

I am worthy of your love

But your crap, I will not take

You will never harm me

You cannot reach my heart
Because I’ve got my guard up

Beware of The Word of God.

             ~❤️Krystal Lynne