The Perfect Patty Melt 

My husband recently had a Patty Melt his sister Brenda made over the weekend. He went on and on about this patty melt. So to kick off Summer and prove that I can make a mean patty melt too-I set out to make the perfect patty melt. 

The abundance of purple onions in the garden made for the best sautéed onions. 

I opted for Gouda, Munster, and Vermont Sharp White Cheddar cheeses. (the combination together was fabulous- just don’t have your cholesterol checked too soon afterwards!)

We did not just leave our melts to just Patty and onions. We added garden fresh juicy tomatoes with red tip lettuce, sliced avocado and hot jalapeños. All this masterpiece was set upon a flaky toasted onion roll. 

Yes- you guessed it ….

 #YummO #RealGoodFood 

      ~XXOO Michelle Bollom

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