Easy As That 

Years ago, a surgery that was considered common and routine, took a turn for the worst. I was experiencing a lot of pain and it wouldn’t go away. Within days, I was taken back to the hospital for an exploratory surgery. It was the only answer. 

At the time, I was a single mother trying to keep life, together, within my capabilities. And for anyone who can relate to this, or to the constant juggle of life’s responsibilities, you might be able to join me in a mutual understanding when I told myself, “You don’t have time to be sick.”
I was ordered to bedrest for an indefinite time. 

Easy as that right?….Um….No…Not for me…..

Deep down, I felt a strong sense of responsibility to take on the day to day activities and my pride assured me that I could take care of everything on my own. The enemy made sure doubt would be the icing on the cake. He told me, “You can’t afford not to work, who will pay your bills? No one will take care of your children like you do. What if something happens to one of them? Tiffany, you…know….you will be all alone and life will go on without you.”

An overwhelming and paralyzing fear crept in. It imprisoned my thoughts, actions, and reactions. 
Easy as that!….FEAR took over…

After the third trip back into the hospital, I was exhausted, frustrated and done. 
I broke. 
I looked up to God and I surrendered to all of who He is.
I repented for not giving my fears, worries, and life over to him. 

Why is it, that we discover, at the end of a difficult season, there may have been an easier way to have gone through it? I made some of my difficult situations harder than they had to be. 
Sometimes…even now….I still do. 

Thankfully, God is in everything. Even when I stand in the way, it doesn’t stop Him from being ALL. Even when I took over, He was still moving. 

Jesus said, 

“For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light.” Matt 11:30 NIV

God wants us to go through Him. He wants us to trust and have faith in the promises He has given so that we may have rest for our soul. If you are facing a trial today, may you find rest and comfort in Him. Be reminded that His burden is light. He wants to take your burden and replace it with His comfort.

Dear Jesus, 

Help me to see when I am full of pride, not considering the strength available in you. Continue to guide me, even when I try to get in your way. Thank you for having mercy and grace over my stubborn heart. Thank you for loving me when I fall short. I thank you for all of your protection and love. In Jesus name, Amen.

 ~Baring His Beauty,

    Tiffany Thomas 

Removing The Junk

Today we are ReSharing an archive in The DARE series by Lereca Monik.  

Be encouraged today to remove the junk and make more room for His power! 

Enjoy the beautiful picture by Beauty Beyond Bones and check out and follow their blog too!

Click here for Beauty Beyond Bones

Be Soul Beautiful! ~XXOO Michelle Bollom 

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The Everyday Battle 

While on my fast I have been passing time while I cook or clean by listening and catching up on some of my favorite sermon series. 

 I have been a fan of Pastor Robert Morris of Gateway Church in the Dallas Texas area for years. I really like his practical application on how he unpacks the verses and it just really helps me to get the message of what he is preaching on. I also think he is very funny. 

 Somehow today I had a few moments and was going to check out a sermon and this oldie popped up. It actually is just about 6 months old, and this was such a great message of what he calls “The Everyday Battle.”  

He has great practical points that he lists that are myths as well as points on what to do to overcome this battle.  

I used to struggle in this area but have been making this a habit now for almost 10 years. I no longer dread it out of obligation, I actually get excited to see what I will learn each day.  

I am especially looking forward to paying attention to the song I wake up with each day! 

Enjoy! – Share your tips with us on how you overcome this battle. ~ XXOO Michelle Bollom 

The Impact Of Your Words 

Faith that does not reflect the ways of God in daily life cannot be used by God to serve people. What you believe about your Heavenly Father will be reflected in your attitude towards your fellow man. 

If you merely pay lip service to God, and what you profess to believe does not come from the depths of your heart and lacks genuine conviction, your attitude will be hypocritical – and this cannot be a blessing to anyone. 

Let your conversations convey the integrity of your thoughts and emotions. Then what you say will not only be understood by those who hear it, but they will also feel the spiritual impact of your words.

                      ~Solly Ozrovech

This was a great quote I stumbled across! 

When we Speak Love people will feel the impact of our words. 

Enjoy-XXOO Michelle Bollom 

In The Garden 


I come to the garden alone

While the dew is still on the roses

And the voice I hear falling on my ear

The son of God discloses.
And he walks with me and he talks with me

And he tells me I am his own

And the joy we share as we tarry there

None other has ever known.
He speaks and the sound of his voice is so sweet

The birds hush their singing

And the melody that he gave to me

Within my heart is ringing.
And he walks with me and he talks with me

And he tells me I am his own

And the joy we share as we tarry there

None other has ever known.
I’d stay in the garden with him

Though the night around me is falling

But He bids me go through the voice of woe

His voice to me is calling…

“He Walks With Me (In The Garden)”

A classic today by Merle Haggard.  
Enjoy! ~XXOO Michelle Bollom 

How Low Can You Go? 

Be willing to be made low before the Lord and He will exalt you!~ James 4:10 The Passion Translation 

Lord, help me wait on You to exalt me. I don’t want to rush too far ahead or lag too far behind. Help me to release all pride and striving and wanting to accomplish great things in my own strength. Help me live in the center of Your Perfect will and be in the rhythm and flow of Your Holy Spirit and grace. May I not try to force what I think is best. May I not despise the days of small beginnings. Help me to wait patiently on You and Your perfect timing. Help me obediently follow Your word and Your direction always. 
                  ~XXOO Michelle Bollom 

Closet Clutter Conquered

I have this ongoing problem with my closet. I start off with it super clean and everything in its proper place. It stays that way for awhile. Then one day it happens. I walk in and I am in a hurry to be somewhere, so instead of taking off my jacket and shoes and taking five seconds or less to put the items exactly where they go, I rush in and throw everything on the floor and rush out of the closet. This repeats itself several times through out the day that leads to weeks and then into months. I am left with a mile high pile of clothes, shoes, unhung jackets and pants. I know I am in trouble when I have to step over the mountain of clothes to get to the back of the closet. There sits my patient overnight bags waiting to be unpacked from trips taken weeks ago 
I immediately want to walk out of my closet and shut the door. I don’t want to be reminded of the mountain of clutter I have created over time. 

Out of sight out of mind!!

Well, until I have to walk in the closet to get dressed each morning. 

Do you ever just feel like You have become overwhelmed with life’s circumstances? You keep looking for an exit door to escape the piles and piles of life’s closet clutter that have stacked up and become so high you don’t know where to begin to fold yourself back to some sort of peaceful order and structure. 

Everything in your life just starts to pile higher and higher that you can’t see past the mountain of chaos and confusion. 

Frustration enters in and brings their friends named Disappointment and Dissatisfaction. They might as well be Siamese twins because they always seem to be joined at the hip. Two talking heads that keep bantering in your ears that your life or your circumstances are too hard and you just might as well walk out and shut the door behind you. 

Sometimes these waves come in strong and other times they just bring in little splashes of whispers messing with your thinking and pushing you to lose hope and give up on whatever it is you are facing. 

It could also be compared to a constant headache that follows you throughout the day. You might forget about if for awhile but you become more aware of the pain again when you settle yourself down and the noise around you stops. You have to face the throbbing pain on your forehead. Do I take something for immediate relief to mask the pain or trudge through the annoyance of the pain? 
The deepest of solutions would be to figure out why the headache started and how can I prevent it from coming back again. Again that takes more time and more thought. 

What do you do at this point? Go with the flow of negative destructive thoughts or make a conscious decision to face the defeating THOUGHTS and put a stop to it? Do you take a directional detour in your thinking or just keep trudging though the pain of the ongoing annoying circumstances? Do you grab the shovel and start digging out the roots of the problem? What would motivate you to start picking up the pieces or pulling out the roots of disappointment and dissatisfaction? 

Well, the good news is I inspired myself to organize and clean out my closet. Truth be told, my real motivation behind that endeavor was Purple Heart showing up to collect donation items. It wasn’t fun. It took time and energy. I picked up one item at a time. Slowly, I put everything back in its proper place. Eventually the mountain disappeared and I could get to the back of my closet. When I walk in my closet now I am happy. I could pull up a chair and hang out there for a bit. I actually know what I have to wear and where it is located. I have a sense of accomplishment and I notice my friends Disappointment and Dissatisfaction weren’t hanging around anymore. In fact they disappeared. New friends, Delight and Accomplishment appeared each time I opened my closet door. 

It takes just ONE action of starting to move you into the right direction of conquering your mountain of closet clutter. 

Great News!!
As followers of Jesus we are not alone in our journey of closet clutter cleaning. In fact we are reminded that we are to COMPLETELY rely on Him to help us in every way to accomplish this feat. 

Ephesians 6:10-18

The Message

A Fight to the Finish

10-12 And that about wraps it up. God is strong, and he wants you strong. So take everything the Master has set out for you, well-made weapons of the best materials. And put them to use so you will be able to stand up to everything the Devil throws your way. This is no afternoon athletic contest that we’ll walk away from and forget about in a couple of hours. This is for keeps, a life-or-death fight to the finish against the Devil and all his angels.

13-18 Be prepared. You’re up against far more than you can handle on your own. Take all the help you can get, every weapon God has issued, so that when it’s all over but the shouting you’ll still be on your feet. Truth, righteousness, peace, faith, and salvation are more than words. Learn how to apply them. You’ll need them throughout your life. God’s Word is an indispensable weapon. In the same way, prayer is essential in this ongoing warfare. Pray hard and long. Pray for your brothers and sisters. Keep your eyes open. Keep each other’s spirits up so that no one falls behind or drops out.

Clean on,

Kelley Allison


Where’s The Meat? 

We implement some Meatless Monday’s in our home. Really any day of the week works and sometimes we even do a couple days a week.   

We weren’t always like that. We ate our fair share of red meat until in 2008 we started eating better after a stroke forced us to. 

So we started eating more beans and legumes

  (which really what is the difference between beans and legumes? Can someone enlighten me?)

But Any Hoo- we have found our favorite meatless dinner.

At first I used brown rice and have slowly replaced the rice with cauliflower rice.

You take a bag of cauliflower rice and steam.  

(I tried to grate my own one time and am still finding it hidden around my kitchen, but if you are brave and just want to try it- knock yourself out. I prefer the pre grated already bagged version.) 

Steam the cauliflower and pour into a 13×9 pan. Season with cumin, chili powder, salsa, onions, cilantro, and lime juice. Then add two cans of organic black beans rinsed. Stir together and add a little cheese and bake till cheese melts and beans are warmed.  
We like to top with shredded lettuce, avocado, ( or our Holy Guacamole ) and I let the kids eat with corn chips if they want.  

It is packed full of fiber and tastes — well you guessed it… #YummO.

         ~XXOO Michelle Bollom 


WORTHY THOUGHT: We were born to make evident the glory of God and that is within us. 

God is working in you and through you to accomplish His great purposes. God placed something powerful inside you for you to go out into the world. 

We are His workmanship (design, art, poetry) in Christ Jesus. 

For we are God’s workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do. 

-Ephesians 2:10

             ~Angela Lipe-Pattengill 

Another Music Legend Has Died

Grammy-winner, Nashville Songwriter Hall of Fame member, Academy of Country Music Poet’s Award honoree, and fearless raconteur – Guy Charles Clark…. AKA… “Uncle Guy” died today. 

I am not sure if this is where I get my love of poetry, of songs, of writing and rhymes. I have always as far back as I can remember been a lover of words.  

When I was a child my dad remarried when my twin sister and I were almost 7. We had a new Aunt and Uncle and Cousins and even three Step Brothers. 

 Our new Uncle was Guy Clark.  

Fast forward many years and most of the world now knows the legendary Guy Clark too.  

Sadly, I awoke this morning to an email from my former step-mother Jan. She let me know that Uncle Guy had passed. I knew he was on hospice and was getting close and had been praying for them all-but that probably explained why I barely slept a wink last night and found myself praying most of the night. 

Although I had not seen Guy in many years, the flood of childhood memories flooded my mind as big tears streamed my cheeks. I remembered so many fun times growing up and one especially favorite memory was learning to dance by standing on Uncle Guy’s feet as he twirled me around the old hard wood floors. I remember being mesmerized when he would rattle off such amazing lyrics and rhymes while playing his guitar and telling such amazing stories.  

The world lost another musical great today.  
Go rest high on that mountain Uncle Guy! 

          ~XXOO Michelle Bollom 
                    Guy Charles Clark

November 6, 1941 – Tuesday May 17, 2016
Grammy-winner, Nashville Songwriter Hall of Fame member, Academy of Country Music Poet’s Award honoree, and fearless raconteur Guy Charles Clark died Tuesday after a long illness. 

He was born in the dusty west Texas town of Monahans on November 6, 1941. The family lived at his grandmother’s 13-room shotgun hotel; home to bomber pilots, drifters, oilmen and a wildcatter named Jack Prigg, the subject of Clark’s famous song “Desperados Waiting For A Train.” When Guy’s father returned from WWII and graduated from law school, the Clarks moved to the Gulf coast town of Rockport, Texas. Guy came of age in the pretty little beach town. As captain and center, Guy led the football team. He played guard in basketball, ran the 100-yard dash and threw discus in track and field. He won science fairs, joined the Explorer’s club, presided over the junior class as president, acted in school plays, excelled on the debate team, illustrated the yearbook, and fell in love with Mexican folk songs and the Flamenco guitar.

After a couple of false starts at university, Guy joined the Peace Corps in 1963. He trained in Rio Abajo, Puerto Rico, practicing water survival, rock climbing and trekking, followed by a month of book learning at the University of Minnesota. After turning down an assignment in Punjab, India, Guy moved to Houston, where he opened a guitar repair shop with his friend Minor Wilson. He played guitar and sang folk songs at the Houston Folklore Society, Sand Mountain coffee shop and the Jester Lounge, where he began life long friendships with fellow struggling songwriters and musicians Mickey Newbury, Townes Van Zandt, Jerry Jeff Walker, Kay Oslin, Frank Davis, Gary White and Crow Johnson. He married his first wife, folksinger Susan Spaw, and they had a son Travis in 1966.

In 1969, after splitting with Susan, Guy moved to San Francisco and again joined Minor Wilson in a guitar repair shop. Within a year, he moved back to Houston, met and fell in love with a beautiful dark haired painter named Susanna Talley. Susanna moved from Oklahoma City to Houston to be with Guy and after a few months, she sold a painting to fund the couple’s move to Los Angeles. Guy landed a job building Dobros at the Dopyera Brothers Original Musical Instruments Company. He played with a bluegrass band on the weekends and pitched his songs to publishing companies in between. 

He signed a publishing deal with Sunbury Dunbar and moved to Nashville in the fall of 1971. He and Susanna crashed on songwriter Mickey Newbury’s houseboat for a few weeks and then moved into a small rental house at 1307 Chapel Avenue in East Nashville. Guy and Susanna returned to Newbury’s houseboat on January 14, 1972 along with Mickey and Susan Newbury and Townes Van Zandt as best man; the five friends sailed up the Cumberland River to the Sumner County Courthouse where Guy Clark and Susanna Talley married.

In that first year in East Nashville Susanna and Townes wrote “Heavenly Houseboat Blues,” while Guy turned out “Desperados Waiting for a Train,” “L.A. Freeway,” and “That Old Time Feeling.” By the time Guy released Old No. 1, his debut critically acclaimed album for RCA Records in 1975, he had written several soon-to-be classic songs including “She Ain’t Going Nowhere,” “Let Him Roll,” “Rita Ballou,” and “Texas 1947.”

He jumped from RCA to Warner Brothers in 1978, scoring a number one song with Ricky Skaggs’s take on “Heartbroke” in 1982 and breaking into the Billboard country chart with “Homegrown Tomatoes” in 1983. Clark hit his stride when he signed with Sugar Hill Records in 1989, and then released a string of significant folk and Americana albums with Sugar Hill, Asylum Records and Dualtone Music Group during the next two-and-a-half decades: Old Friends, Boats to Build, Dublin Blues, Keepers, Cold Dog Soup, The Dark, Workbench Songs, Somedays the Song Writes You and his final 2013 Grammy-winning Best Folk Album, My Favorite Picture of You.

For more than forty years, the Clark home was a gathering place for songwriters, folk singers, artists and misfits; many who sat at the feet of the master songwriter in his element, willing Guy’s essence into their own pens. Throughout his long and extraordinary career, Guy Clark blazed a trail for original and groundbreaking artists and troubadours including his good friends Rodney Crowell, Jim McGuire, Steve Earle, Emmylou Harris, Joe Ely, Lyle Lovett, Verlon Thompson, Shawn Camp, and Vince Gill.

His beloved Susanna died from complications of lung cancer in 2012. Due to ongoing health problems, Guy stopped touring and recording shortly thereafter. He is survived by his son Travis and daughter-in-law Krista McMurtry Clark; grandchildren Dylan and Ellie Clark; sisters Caroline Clark Dugan and Jan Clark; manager and friend Keith Case; caretaker and sweetheart Joy Brogdon; nieces, nephews and many, many dear friends, colleagues and fans.

Funeral arrangements are pending.  

        Obituary Written by Tamara Saviano