Trying Something New 

Argentina pink shrimp ….. 

My girlie yesterday on the phone said our HEB had them and they were delicious.  

I had been giving shrimp a little break and was in HEB today when I saw them and being the foodie that I am – I had to try them.  

Plus they were already shelled and deveined at $8.97 a pound so I thought- why not? 

A cheap couple of meals. 

I decided to sauté them with just a little butter and garlic. I noticed they cooked very quick.
I then sautéed baby Bella mushrooms and garlic with green onions which when paired with the shrimp made for a pretty tasty lunch… with tons of leftovers.  

I will use the rest of the shrimp with an Asian chopped salad. (That is how my girlie recommended them) 

I had confused these with possible tiger shrimp but in fact they are not.  

They were good…. Different … Almost like a lobster texture and a little sweeter than most shrimp. 

This southern coast girl prefers her gulf shrimp with a more salty taste but for wild caught and cleaned you can’t beat it! I will say I much preferred these to the Florida Pink Rock shrimp which I thought were flavorless and overpriced. 

Anything of course is good with a little butter and a whole lotta garlic though…

Happy Eating! #YummO

         ~XXOO Michelle Bollom 

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