A New Attitude Of Hope 

The first place we must win the victory is in our own minds.

If we do not think that we can be successful, then we never will be.

If we do not think our bodys can’t be healed it never will be. 

If we don’t really think God can turn our situations around, then he probably won’t.

The Bible (God’s living word) says “as a person thinks in his heart so he will become.”(proverbs 23:7)

When we think thoughts of failure we are destined to fail.

 When we think thoughts of mediocracy you’re designed to live an average life.

 Oh, BUT GOD, my friends.

When we align our thoughts with God’s thoughts and we start dwelling on the promises of His Word and when we constantly dwell on thoughts of His victory, His favor, His Faith, His power and His strength there is nothing that can hold us back.

Make up your mind today to think positive excellent thoughts and you will be propelled toward greatness and bound for increased promotion and God’s Supernatural blessings.

Today, I choose to dwell on good thoughts, thoughts that are based on the truths of Your Word, Father; Thoughts that will build me up rather than tear me down. Thank you for renewing my mind and giving me a fresh new attitude of Hope.
                      Michelle Smith ❤


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