The Lamp Of The Lord

It’s hard to imagine that the majestic light, dwelling within the Lord, can exist and reside in a sinner like myself.

For many years, I didn’t understand who he was. I lost out on a life intended for the Lord’s purpose, while also missing the innermost parts of Jesus.

I believed that I deserved every darkest hour, each heartache, and all pain, that left my heart exposed and vulnerable.

How is it even possible for God’s light to dwell within a heart that believes the enemy’s lies?

*The truth is that it isn’t possible.*

I am thankful that Jesus desired to have a relationship with me, despite the dark areas of my life, and the limitations I put on him.

Haven’t we all forfeited some of God’s hidden treasures because we were unwilling to step out of the dark to seek him?

Proverbs 20:27 

The spirit of man is the lamp of the Lord, searching all his innermost parts.

Infinite love, a radiant light was shed, as Jesus hung on the cross for me and for you. In his darkest hour, as he cried out, the illumination of his heart was not of death. It was a representation of new life.

He wants us to know him in the same way that he knows each and every one of us…..deeply…..intimately.

Our Spirit is the lamp of the Lord. When we are intentional in discovering Jesus’s heart, we get to experience his blessings.

What blessings have you been praying for? What is he calling you to? What have you set limits on? What is that thing you are holding on to? Is it time for a new revealing?

Lord, I want to search you and know you in a new way, on a new level. I want to experience the life that you have created for me. Use me Lord. Search me Lord. Reveal the areas of my heart that are hidden in dark places. Call me into your light so I may glorify your name. 

In Jesus name, amen.

          ~ Baring His Beauty

               Tiffany Thomas

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