Highway To Holiness 

The enemy desires to twist every step we take. Satan wants to stop us from receiving God’s Spirit and Glory. He blinds our eyes so that we are unable to see the truth and plugs up our ears so we cannot hear the truth. 

We need to be cautious not to carry a “religious spirit” because a religious spirit attempts to hinder the release of signs, wonders, and miracles. It can twist the truth concerning present day revelation and the different ministries of the Holy Spirit that cause many people to cling onto old doctrine remaining in their religious “Comfort Zones“, rejecting all the present truth concerning God’s divine moment and movement upon the Earth right now. Let us not be deceived by a religious spirit. 

Many are pursuing God’s presence and His glory everyday trying our best to not allow the religious spirit to trap us. Tossing tradition aside and moving beyond man’s mindset and seeking the fullness of God’s Spirit.

God has been reconstructing my life for as long as I can remember and yet He has remained faithful to lead me on His path of holiness that releases increase and knowledge. I am in the process of learning to celebrate the changes God requires of me. With each change I am learning to depend upon the Holy Spirit more and more as I grow stronger and stronger with each new change. As I continue to move forward I am walking into my destinies and possessing my promises. The Highway of Holiness is a road of abundance and healing. God will protect us with a vengeance as we travel on His Highway of Holiness. 
We will have open eyes to see and ears to hear Him by His Spirit. We can go forth with joy, singing and Thanksgiving!

Lord, I pray that as I travel along Your Highway of Holiness that I am confident that You Lord, have prepared this highway of life for me and even though at times I feel lonely and weak, You have promised to strengthen me. When I am weak You are strong. You always come in with a mighty vengeance to save me from my enemies. Even when I know I’m experiencing a wilderness season, I also now know the roses will still bloom. You, Lord will place joy in my heart because You love me with Your everlasting love. Purify my thoughts, my deeds and my actions. Lord, I am thankful for the blood that cleanses me. I plead the blood of Jesus over my life and home. I am so thankful for Your perfect direction.

❤️Michelle Smith 


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