Walking On Water 

The Lord brought His people to the land of their inheritance but they had to make the decision to cross over to the other side. 

Crossing over into our land of inheritance takes faith and obedience because we cannot see with our natural eyes what lies ahead. The Bible (His Living Word) tells us of the many blessings God gives us for our obedience. The Lord has instructed each of us to leave the past behind, remove our old garments and put on the mantle of authority. We have to learn to embrace change because our seasons and circumstances are continuously changing. 

We have to learn to be content in any circumstance or season that we may be in. God wants to deliver us from oppression and lead us into a land of freedom and promise. 
Now we have to do our part by pulling down the patterns of our old nature and by the renewing of our mind to the truth. We have to get rid of fear because fear is a powerful stronghold we all face today. As we now move forward and into our promises the spirit of fear will try to work against us by bringing fear and doubt. Even Jesus’s disciples had to cross over their fears. Read (Mark 6:47-52). 

When we are crossing over into our promise the devil will use storms to causes doubt and fear. But when Jesus sends you to the other side he has every intention of your making it. Have you ever thought about how we get into our own faith boat heading towards our promises and all of a sudden the Devil comes and tries to capsize our boat. 


We cannot respond with fear or we open the door to the spirit of torment and fear. We have to get out of the boat and walk on the water because the only other choice would be to become paralyzed by that fear and die in the boat. We need to get out of that boat and walk on some water and when we begin to sink He will be there to save us. Continuing us on our path of righteousness for His name sake so that we may reach our promises. Here on earth and in Heaven. 

Remember my friends, we must not forget that His perfect love cast out all fear. Jesus is the River of Life because life is in the blood. His blood. There Is Power in the Blood of Jesus my friends, and it is by His blood that we overcome all fears.

Oh Lord, how I love how you continuously reach out to us, even when our hearts are hard. Today I am making the decision to let go of the sins of others and of all the generational sins in my own life. I’m placing my sins on the cross and allowing Your blood Jesus to cleanse me from my past by remembering that life and death are in the power of the tongue. I realize that God has a plan and a purpose for my life and I declare that no devil will stop me from taking my territory. I declare that nothing from my past will stop me from moving forward and fulfilling my destiny. You have provided a river in the desert and a way out of my wilderness. It is You, Lord, who has the very best plan for my life. I will try to get rid of everything that attempts to stand in the way of your victory for me. You have gone before me and defeated all. Amen ❤

                   ~Michelle Smith 


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