I Love You 

As I watched all the news coverage today on the flooding surrounding my area here in NW Houston, I couldn’t quite shake a few things.

I thought of the people that died. One heartbreaking story after another of them texting their mom or calling their husband or a friend moments before they were swept away.  

One story hit close to home for me. One lady drove across town to check on her twin sister and although they begged her to spend the night, she chose to drive back home and succumbed to a drainage ditch and high water and a young man found her dead in her car.  

I started to think about each one of these souls. Did they know Jesus? What were they thinking of as the flood waters engulfed their cars and filled their lungs? Did they think that they should have stayed home or stayed a little longer, hugged a little tighter, made more time for someone? Did they have regrets? Did they have unresolved issues with someone? 

I also started thinking back to a time in my life when I lost my brother suddenly. I was remembering how angry I was with him for “twisting off” and getting drunk and was rehearsing all the things I would tell him the next morning. I rehearsed how I would give him a good ole griping and rheem him out good for disappointing us. I didn’t get that chance- instead we got to plan a funeral and try to come to grips with the devastating loss. Griping him out was the last thing on my mind then. 

So why am I sharing all this? Why am I thinking all this matters? 

Today I was reminded – we are not guaranteed tomorrow. Not just by the loss of lives on the news or my own experience in losing my brother and my dad suddenly, but exactly how short life really is and in the grand scheme of things, what really is important….

Is it our jobs?

Our homes?

Our money? 

Being right?


Is it an apology from someone you are waiting for that you feel you deserve?

Is it the hurt and anger and bitterness you have grown comfortable carrying around? 

Is it your pride stopping you from reaching out? 

I implore you to not expect anything or hold too tightly to things or grudges that are really not important. Don’t hold on to the hurt, anger or bitterness one second more. If you are still waiting to have the last word, or be told you are right….STOP! 

If someone you love has made poor choices that upset you or let you down, love the person still and separate the actions from the person.  

No one has to be right or wrong. No one has to apologize to move on. We are all imperfect people but loved by a perfect God. If it is hard to love and forgive someone that hurt you- ask God to help you love and forgive them.   

God binds up the wounds and heals the broken hearted- but you have to surrender the wounds and broken pieces to Him and stop carrying them around.

Don’t wait another minute – simply just reach out and tell them you love them right where they are. Don’t let the sun go down today without you telling them you love them. We are never guaranteed tomorrow. All you have is right now- this moment.

I pray that each of you would feel the flow of God’s love fill in every crack of hurt you are experiencing right now. He is the Great Restorer. He is faithful even when we are not.


Pick up the phone- send that text or email or card and do it right now. A simple “I Love You” can start the healing process.
                 ~XXOO Michelle Bollom 


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