One of my favorite things is seeing God show off! Seeing Him work through others in magnificent ways is beyond thrilling! 

 Being a part of His plan, though, is even more…well, it’s indescribable

Use me, God! I am willing! 

 Jesus, allow me to be Your hands and feet!

 Teach me to be a fisher of men! 

 I want to be like the birds that sing Your praises, like the flowers that bloom to Your song, like the stars that shine in the darkest of nights…all being who they were created to be!

 Allow me not to wither away as the parched plant in a neverending drought. 

 Allow my heart not to hollow as with the start of petrified wood or harden as fossilized stone.  

Protect me from the weathering work of the enemy and the venom of the serpents that threaten to steal what You say is mine. 

 Seal shut the wounds deep within me that hinder Your work! 

 Stop the salty flow of pain and replace it with Your gentle kiss! 

 Show me how to love like You! 

 Accept my repentance for holding on for so long to things that were never meant for me to bear! 

Receive these things and have Your way!

 Receive ME and do as You wish! 

 May all of these things be done according only to Your will. 

Amen…and so be it.

              đź’™ ~ Stephanie Gable